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Literacy SMART Goal

To action our Smart Goal forTerm 3 we have begun to implement facets of the Daily 5 and Reading Cafe programmes. We learnt about these programmes that are used successfully in Canada and the USA through our Twitter PLN’s.




Our Smart Goal was to focus on Fluency.

We have focussed on 2 aspects of Daily 5 to support our learners. These are ‘Read to Self’ and ‘Read to Someone’ which is done EEKK (elbow to elbow – knee to knee).







We decided we would record our children reading as a Common Formative Assessment Task and to gather baseline data. We planned to use these recordings to  measure any improvements in fluency.

Ava – L21

Jesse – L15

We reflected on this idea part way through the term and decided we should have selected just 3 texts to base our assessments on. By this time it was too late to change. We’ll keep this in mind next time we are planning our CFATs.


Because we wanted our students to reread texts and read voraciously we wanted to inform our parents of our plans. We sent home a newsletter specifically about Term 3 Smart Goals. 


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